Club Membership


Our club membership fees per season are : $20 for adults and $10 for under 15s

There is also a fee per season for O.R.S.A. membership $30. Our club does not make the O.R.S.A. fee mandatory,and we leave it up to the individual whether they wish to take this up.


Our memberships are probably among the lowest in Australia, and have been the same price since the club began.

You can take out a membership at any time of the year, but will only be registered at Ibrox if you take it out before the end of June in any given year. Taking a membership before the cut-off is in your interest,as it will allow us to access tickets for Rangers games for those that go back to Scotland on holiday etc.


The other benefit of a membership is reduced fees for live games shown at the club,which are normally $5 for members and $10 for non-members, so turn up for 4 games and you have already covered your membership fee...........simple

You also have the added bonus of voting in the club's player of the year